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Lunch menu for Students
Today's student Lunch menu

Weekly student lunch menues

Student lunch menu includes: soup of the day, main dish, salad from salad bar.
Monday, 12.2.2018
Beef soup, daily soup (vegi), salad – salad bar, dessert
1. Fried pancake with ham and cheese, tartar sauce, french fries
2. Macaroni with minced meat
3. Pašta fižol - bean minestrone with smoked meat and pasta, home made bread
4. Mushroom risotto
5. Vegetable souffle

Tuesday, 13.2.2018
Mushoom soup, daily soup (vegi), salad – salad bar, dessert
1. Meatballs in a tomato sauce, mashed potatoes
2. Chicken paprikaš with fried gnocchi
3. Pasulj (bean soup with smoked meat), home made bread
4. Penne in creamy truffles sauce
5. Soya paties with leek sauce, mashed potatoes
Wednesday, 14.2.2018
Beef soup, daily soup (vegi), salad – salad bar, dessert
1. Fried chicken fillet with sesame, roasted poatoes with onions
2. Baby beef liver in sauce, polenta
3. Mushroom casserole with smoked meat, home made bread
4. Black risotto with cuttlefish
5. Spinach lasagna
Thursday, 15.2.2018
Beef soup, daily soup (vegi), salad – salad bar, dessert
1. Roasted stuffed chicken with sweet cabbage and mlinci
2. Sauerkraut goulash with mashed potatoes
3. Veal stew, home made bread
4. Pasta with asparagus sauce and feta cheese
5. Cheese rolls (štruklji) with mushrooms
Friday, 16.2.2018
Mushroom soup, daily soup (vegi), salad – salad bar, dessert
1. Čevapčiči with prebranec (baked beans with onins), home made bread
2. Veal paprikaš with pasta
3. Sweet cabbage casserole with beef, home made bread
4. Fried fish fillet with potato salad
5. Potato dumpling in cheese sauce

The value of supplement / price: 3,70 eur.


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